Yay Area Bucket Foodie List

Since Germany is looking more and more likely, I'm starting to think more and more about what I'm going to miss about Oakland, the Bay Area, and California in general. What do we have here that I won't be able to get in Germany in terms of food? Of course food is my primary concern! I suppose there will be other things - experiences, obviously, household items - that I'm used to that will be difficult or impossible to obtain there. But really, I'm just worried about the food. Germans are notorious for not liking spicy food. Does this mean I need to buy one of each hot sauce available at Ranch 99 and ship it over? Am I going to be dependent on high-postage care packages from friends to get my huitlacoche and pasilla peppers?

Obviously German will be lacking in several cuisines I'm accustomed to, like New American, Southern, Californian, Mexican and others although those are my biggest concerns and what I predict I will be most homesick for. Websites assure me that Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines exist in Germany and are decent to good, but does that mean I'll be able to find anything like the spicy stinky tofu at Spices III in Oakland, or good dim sum?

So I'm trying to compile two lists: foodstuffs to bring, and things to eat here before we go. Yep, I'm gonna arrive in Germany even fatter, because if nothing else I enjoy embodying stereotypes. What I want to do is eat at a least the more reasonably priced places I always meant to get around to doing so and haven't, as well as eat at my old favorite haunts.

I am not sure if this level of food obsession is healthy or natural but I don't really care. If I may not have Sabuy Sabuy's thai toast* for a year or longer, I sure as hell am going to eat it before I leave. Since I'm heading to my hometown, Woodland tonight, you know that I'm going to be paying La Guadalajara Taqueria a visit. Mmmm, al pastor tacos.

*For those who are unlucky enough to not know what thai toast is: ground shrimp and pork and peanuts, spread on white bread, which is then battered and deep fried and served with peanut sauce i.e. the most perfect food item in all creation.